Think great tasting, nutritious, satisfying and moreish!These are just a handful of words that perfectly describe these indulgent snack bars from Cocofina. There are three irresistible varieties: Organic Coconut and Date, Organic Coconut and Cocoa and Organic Coconut Macaroon.

In an effort to develop a snack bar for his son that wasn’t loaded with sugars and preservatives, Cocofina founder and coconut expert Jacob Thundil set about refining his first snack bar in his kitchen at home. The result was the first of these three bars, the pre-workout organic coconut and date snack bar.

Cocofina uses the white flesh of the coconut in keeping with the brand ethos to maintain a sustainable approach to minimising food waste. Each snack bar is UK Soil Association approved, containing no additives or artificial ingredients and is 100% organic, vegan and vegetarian friendly. Once tried, your taste buds come alive delivering a low calorie total indulgence.

Naturally energising and containing no added sugar, no artificial ingredients and no additives, the combination of coconuts, dates, raisins and only 5% oats make it the perfect pre-workout snack at only 143kcal per bar. Price: £1.49

Naturally energising for all chocolate lovers. The combination of coconuts, dates, raisins and cacao make it the perfect pre-workout snack at only 148kcal per bar. Price: £1.49

Cocofina produced this nature’s bounty bar for coconut lovers, suitable for vegan and vegetarians.This guilt free snack contains only 162kcal per bar. Price: £1.49

Cocofina snack bars are available from Wholefoods, As Nature Intended or from www.cocofina.com

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