Dragons Den Premium Pack

We have now stopped shipping this pack which was specifically part of our appearance on Dragons Den. You can purchase these items separately at our coconut shop online.

Try these premium coconut products from Cocofina as seen on Dragons Den.


1 x Coconut Detox Supplement (90 Capsules)
1 x Organic Creamed Coconut (200g)
1 x Organic Natural Coconut Vinegar (250ml)
1 x Organic Chilli Coconut Vinegar (250ml)
1 x Organic Nutmeg Coconut Vinegar (250ml)
1 x Organic Coconut Amino (250ml)
1 x Organic Coconut Flour Tin (500g)
1 x Organic Coconut Sugar Tin (500g)
3 x Organic Coconut & Date Snack Bars (40g)
3 x Organic Coconut & Cocoa Snack Bars (40g)
3 x Organic Coconut Macaroon Snack Bars (35g)
7 x Organic Coconut Oil Sachets (10ml)
2 x 100% Pure Coconut Water (200ml)

Directions for use: 

Take two capsules of coco detox per day with a full glass of water after food.
Dissolve our creamed coconut in hot water and strain to make coconut milk or add directly to soups, curries and stews.
Replace regular vinegar with coconut vinegar.
Simply use the soy free coconut amino instead of soy sauce in stir-fries, as a salad dressing or marinades.
Coconut flour is great for cooking, baking and frying. Substitute 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup coconut flour per 1 cup grain-based flour.
A great alternative to sugar, our coconut sugar can be used in cooking, baking and in tea and coffee.
Cocofina's organic snack bars are great for snacking between meals or as a pre-workout snack.
Coconut oil sachet is perfect on-the-go for cooking, baking, spreading and for moisturising hair and body. It is also ideal for oil pulling.
Serve our natural coconut water chilled on its own or mixed with smoothies, mocktails and cocktails.