I was born in Kerala, which in Sanskrit means ‘the land of the coconut trees’. Food and cooking has been my passion since a young age.
15 years ago I quit the safety of a job to start Cocofina, way before coconuts were trendy. You might think I am a visionary but I was just following my passion! Whether you try our cold pressed organic coconut oil or organic coconut water, my promise is that you will experience real flavour.

Our purpose is to produce real honest healthy food and in the mean time to minimise the impact to the environment and treat our producers fairly. If you are looking to start a food business or just curious, read more about my story.

Jacob Thundil - Chief Nut aka The Coconut Man


Cruelty Free!

We know the areas where monkeys are used for harvesting and we avoid buying raw materials from these areas. A piece of paper from the manufacturers in these areas is not a sufficient guarantee as it is impossible to guarantee that all coconuts from a batch were not picked by enslaved monkeys.


Please stop fueling this abusive industry immediately. Do the right thing and buy coconut products from ethical producers.